Pervasive and Civic Computing

If you will be in Crete for HCII on June 25, come join Pervasive and Civic Computing at Room 4. It starts at 13:30 and lasts till 15:30 (or earlier).


CSIS Workshop on Urban Computing, Mapping, and Sciences

The following workshop is taking place this coming Wednesday.
Anyone who’s interested in this topic is welcome. I hope you can come!
Sorry for the short notice.

CSIS Workshop on Urban Computing, Mapping, and Sciences

Wednesday, June 18; 14:00–16:00
Room 470, Kashiwa Research Complex

[Aim and Scope]
As digital technologies pervade the urban space, there are increasing opportunities to design novel scientific instruments, data-centric services, and human-centric experiences based on the integration of digital, physical and social spaces. The aim of this workshop is to share recent developments in relevant areas including mobile sensing, context awareness, ubiquitous mapping, crowdsourcing, analysis of complex networks, and social computing, and identify key challenges and promising application scenarios to advance the state of the art.

14:00-14:05 Opening
14:05-14:35 Keynote Talk by Vassilis Kostakos (CSIS / University of Oulu)
14:35-14:55 Talk by Naoya Fujiwara (CSIS)
14:55-15:15 Talk by Shin’ichi Konomi (CSIS)
15:15-15:35 Talk by Masatoshi Arikawa (CSIS) and Min Lu (The University of Tokyo)
15:35-16:00 Discussion