CSIS Seminar: March 25

アーヘン大学のCarsten Röcker博士博士がいらっしゃったので,講演していただきました.

Just let me (konomi [at] csis [dot] u-tokyo [dot] ac [dot] jp) know by email, if you are interested in attending this event. Anyone who is interested in this topic is welcome.

Title: The Future Care Lab: Towards Age-Sensitive System Design
Speaker: Dr. Dr. Carsten Röcker (Human Technology Centre, RWTH Aachen University)
Date/Time: Monday, March 25; 11:00–12:00
Location: Rm. 410, Kashiwa Research Complex, Kashiwa Campus, the University of Tokyo




congestion sensing toolkit – our demo at ipsj interaction 2013 symposium in tokyo.